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                    7005-1 Ergonomic Office Chair, Executive Chair, Aluminum Base Chair, Boss Chair, Task Chair for Work Space

                    On average, we spend 2000 hours a year in the office. Each hour, we live with the threat and reality of nerve damage, chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, anxiety and stress.When employees are provided with high quality, comfortable office chairs, they’ll experience less muscular strain and better circulation, creating a considerable boost in energy levels. A good office chair reduces headaches, back and neck pain, and strain in the lower legs. Investing in ergonomic office chairs is a surefire shortcut to ensure greater productivity and head-to-toe health of your workforce.

                    A good office chair is made up of durable, temperature regulating materials that make sure the sitter is cool and comfortable throughout the work day.

                    You tend to find yourself slouching or hunching your head towards the screen more as the day progresses, without being aware of the consequences. A good office chair is designed to prevent these problems before they become chronic and irreversible, automatically correcting your posture and supporting all areas of your back whilst you work.

                    Sitting for long periods leads to poor blood circulation which has serious long term consequences like cardiovascular disease, and complications caused by obesity. Quality office chairs have a seat angle which can be adjusted, a curved edge, and sufficient depth to help blood flow through.


                    Product Specification

                    • Overall Dimension: W70x D71x H124-134 cm
                    • Seat Height: 45- 54 cm
                    • Package include: 1 pc/ctn
                    • Color:BLACK
                    • Weight:33 KG
                    • Material: imported Korea mesh and all aluminum

                    KING855:Malaysia Casino Online, Online Casino Best Sports betting odds